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Which tweets are included in the dashboard?

Twitto_be monitors tweets related to startups and data science in Belgium.

I am not in Belgium, why is @twitto_be mentioning me?

This is because people located in Belgium or tweeting about Belgium are mentioning you in their tweets.

What does the hashtags graph mean?

The graph display the hashtags most frequently seen in the recent tweets about Belgium. Each time two hashtags are used in one tweet, a line is created between them. The following Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques are applied:

About is a live dashboard providing analytics about the tweets related to entrepreneurship in Belgium. The data you're seeing is what is happening right now on twitter, it's real real-time. is open source, you are free to use the code to create your own dashboard. Contributions are welcome, too :)



Started as a ranking of top Belgian influencers, twitto has progressively evolved to become content-centric.

  • 2013, June - First version: ranking of top Belgian influencers, by topic and province.
  • 2016, September - Twitto v2 and v3: realtime dashboard of tweets geolocated in Belgium.
  • 2020, February - Twitto v4 gets a live graph (as in Graph theory) monitoring feature, and switch its focus to the Belgian startup world.


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